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 Steps towards Eagle SCout

While working towards your Eagle Rank, use this as a checklist when you don't know what to do next:

1.    Earn the rank of Life Scout - along with your Life badge you should also receive you Eagle packet containing your Eagle Scout Application and a Service Project Workbook

2.   Begin thinking about your project - Remember that this is a service project that you are to lead, you are not to do all of the work

3.   Continue working on all other requirements, especially those harder merit badges you've been putting off

4.   Run your project idea by the Scoutmaster

5.   Invest in a 3-ring binder to organize all of your paperwork

6.   Look at your Eagle Scout Rank Application

7.   Download an electronic copy of Service Project Workbook

8.   Don't forget your merit badges!

9.   Using your workbook, create a project proposal, including plans, budget, materials needed, pictures

10.  Get the Scoutmaster's approval (and signature) on your proposal

11.  Get a signature from the community organization's representative

12.  Talk to the Committee Chairman to be put on the agenda at an upcoming Committee Meeting

13.  Complete your merit badges, 21 total including all Eagle-required ones. You do not need to finish your merit badges before you start on your project

14.  Present your finalized project proposal at a Committee Meeting

15.  Get a signature of approval from the Committee Chairman

16.  Before starting, get a signature from the Council Eagle Representative

17.  Begin your project by purchasing materials, finding Scout workers, and keeping in touch with your project representative

18.  Keep track of your hours and changes in plans, take pictures, complete your project

19.  Write up your project and make it look professional. Include pictures of the final project, things that changed from your original plan, and final expenses.

20.           Sign the Completion section yourself and get signatures from the Scoutmaster and from the community organization's representative.

21.  Ask the Troop Advancement Coordinator for a Troop master report of all of your merit badges and other requirements for Eagle

22.           Fill out your Eagle Rank Application as completely and neatly as you can

23.           Write a response to Requirement 6 on the Eagle Application Form

24.           Have your Scoutmaster Conference

25.           Schedule your Troop 354 Eagle Board Review

26.           Put together a few packets including copies of the application, workbook, pictures, attachments, letters of thanks, and any other important paperwork

27.           Take some time and actually think about what being an Eagle Scout means to you, what you've learned from Scouting, and what you've given to Scouting

28.           Pass your Troop 354 Eagle Board Review

29.           Ask both the Scoutmaster and the Committee Chairman to sign the Eagle Rank Application Form

30.           Turn in a final packet to the Gerald R Ford Council Office in Walker before your 18th birthday (this packet should include all original documents completely filled out, with color pictures, if necessary, and in a form that can easily be copied - no fancy binders, etc.)

31.  Once you get a call from a Council Representative, inform your Scoutmaster of the date and time of the Eagle Board. You will also need to ask your parent(s) and two other troop committee members to attend.

32.           Pass your Council Eagle Board - You are now an Eagle Scout!

33.           The Council will forward the application to the National Office of the Boy Scouts of America. If you are short on time between your Council Eagle Board and when you want you’re Eagle Court of Honor, you can pay extra money to have your application expedited. If this is the case, bring a checkbook with you to your Eagle Board

34.           Plan and prepare your Eagle Court of Honor including to whom you will be giving your Eagle Mentor pin. A good website for Eagle ceremonies is here. A sample ceremony is here

35.           Stand proudly and don't forget to smile

36.           Raise your right hand in the scout sign and recite the Eagle Charge

37.           Remember to thank those individuals who helped you on the Eagle Trail. Especially remember the volunteer leaders in the troop - your thanks is their 'pay'

38.           Congratulations!