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Jenison MI						
						Chartered by Knights of Columbus  council # 7487

 Eagle SCout

So, you're ready to be an Eagle Scout?

The numbers will tell you...the Trail to Eagle is not an easy one. Many scouts have gotten lost while less than four percent of Boy Scouts have earned the right to wear the Eagle Badge on their chest. But do not lose hope! You have completed 61 requirements on the trail, yet seven stand before you. These seven requirements will separate you from everybody who wanted to, who tried to, and who may have even come close to, but will never be an Eagle Scout. It will require commitment, motivation, and a lot of hard work. As you work on these seven requirements, I challenge you to give it your best. Do more than you have to, take time to learn something new, and teach others as you go. When you take it upon yourself to do something great, people will notice. I assure you it won't be a decision you regret. Good Luck! 

Phil Dirkse, Eagle Scout

Troop 354 Jenison, August 2007