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Jenison MI						
						Chartered by Knights of Columbus  council # 7487

The Troop Committee is the collection of officially registered volunteer "Scouters" (adults) who guide the Scouts as they operate the Troop. Under our bylaws, Troop 354 has a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer who are elected to their positions by the other Committee members roughly every two years or so. The Chairman appoints other officers such as the Advancement Chair (which is  a standing position with us). Currently, we have Monthly Campout Coordinators who helps organize the logistics of each campout or other event, a Webelos Liaison who is our "GoTo Guy(Gal)" for all Cub transition contact with our Troop (visits, campouts, Crossover Ceremonies, etc.), and a High Adventure Coordinator who helps the boys plan major excitement and fun.

A Troop Committee member becomes that way upon filling out an adult application form, which is countersigned by the Committee Chairman and Charter Organization Representative and, after their scrutiny, submitted to BSA/Council and /National. The Committee membership dues are $30.00 a year. Committee members receive a Council publication and the national BSA's glossy slick leaders' magazine, as well. You are encouraged to explore the various training opportunities offered through the local Council.


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