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A message from the Scoutmaster


Junior Leader Training Course

Junior Leader Training written for Troop 354 and used by us for more than 6 years.  We alternate this every other year with the BSA Junior Leader Training.  I feel this is a superior product.  There are a number of attachments and hand outs that go along with it.  Some of the information was garnered from leadership seminars, some from White Stag and other scouting resources.


Junior Leader Training should be offered to scouts at least once a year.  As we tell our scouts, a teacher doesn't stop learning once they get their teaching certificate, a fireman still practices putting out fires and a policeman still practices shooting his weapon.  A doctor doesn't stop reading about diseases because he is out of medical school -- so how can we ever expect to stop learning about leadership just because we took the course one time in our scout career.  By the time a scout is an Eagle, he should have had this training 4-5 times, and helped teach it at least once!


7 P Planning          


20 Ways to Stay Motivated


Jamboree JLT


JLT Course Leadership Segment


Leadership Signs


Learning to Communicate Effectively


Team Tic Tac Toe




Scouts and parents should use this page both as a resource and for news and information that can help them understand what the Troop is doing and how they fit in.  It is my hope and expectation that the two most critical pages for Scouts to review on a regular basis are the Calendar and this page (Scoutmaster).  This is my way of communicating with everyone interested in the Troop.  If you want to reach me for any reason, you can e-mail me at pflessner@gmail.com or call my cell phone at

(616) 498-1153.

Paul Flessner, Scoutmaster