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 So You Want To Earn a Merit Badge………

Boy Scouts get ahead by demonstrating new skills, helping with service projects, obeying the Scout Oath and Scout Law, being an active Scout, completing all requirements for each rank and having them signed off by a Scout Leader.

Any Boy Scout may earn a merit badge at any time. For ranks above First Class, Scouts must earn merit badges. Each merit badge shows that the Scout knows more than the average person about the topic. Some merit badges are required for advancement; many can be completed based on the Scout’s own interests. Merit badges provide Scouts with opportunities to learn about sports, crafts, science, trades, business and future careers! There are over 100 merit badges to choose from.

Six Steps to Earning a Merit Badge

Pick a subject! Review the list of merit badges and select something that interests you.


Meet with a Merit Badge Counselor. A merit badge counselor is your “teacher/mentor” and key to this process! This is the person who offers their knowledge & expertise to the subject & is the person to oversee you in this process. The MB Counselor MUST sign off on all of your requirements. You may only work with registered MB Counselors. The Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster or Advancement Chair can assist in identifying a counselor for your badge. A listing is also available from the Council office.

Turn in your “Blue Card”. Once you have the Blue Card filled out & signed, turn it in to the Scoutmaster for his signature. The Blue Care must then be given to the Advancement Chair for recording and reporting to the Council Office. Congratulations! Your merit badge will be presented to you at the Court of Awards!

Get a “Blue Card”. The Blue Card is your record & proof of progress & completion of the merit badge. You can get these from the Scoutmaster.

Review the Merit Badge Requirements. There are pamphlets and worksheets for every merit badge. These tools provide you with the requirements, activities and information needed to complete the merit badge.

You can pick up pamphlets at the Council Scout Shop. Requirements and worksheets are available on line:


Merit Badge List


Team up with another Scout. This insures the Scout Buddy System (you must have another person with you whenever you meet with a Merit Badge Counselor). It also will promote team spirit, allow you to hold each other accountable to complete the requirements, plus you can bounce ideas off on another and have fun at the same time!


How to Earn a Merit Badge

Merit Badges