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Service Time Guidelines


This is intended to give Scouts and their parents a guide as to what is and what is not acceptable for service hours toward rank advancement.  These are not all encompassing; however, they do apply in most cases.  If there is a question whether something will qualify, talk to the Scoutmaster or the Assistant Scoutmaster assigned to your patrol before doing the activity.


Activities which qualify as service time include:

Work on Eagle Scout projects

Mackinac Island Honor Camp.

Work done on troop recognized service projects such as Adopt-A-Mile, Tootsie Roll Drive and Toys-4-Tots.  These are usually announced at a meeting.

Work on the Newspaper Recycling Trailer B however, only one hour will be credited for doing normal work for any rank.

School activities such as Safety Patrol and Lunch Monitors.

Work at Church.  Helping to clean or make improvements around your church is acceptable.

Volunteer work at hospitals or nursing homes or on mission trips.

Work for a non-profit organization that benefits the community.

Activities which do not qualify include:

Serving mass or taking part in religious services or youth group at church.  This is considered part of your religious duty to your church.  If a youth group does a service project, however, it may be considered.

Work on project where you are paid.  The point of service in Scouting is to volunteer your time, not get paid for it.

Partisan political campaigns.

Time spent doing Troop Leadership jobs


Service time is recorded for each boy.  No matter what a Scout does for service, it must be documented for him to receive credit.  This documentation consists of:

Eagle projects:  The Scout leading the Eagle project will record the time and give it to the Assistant Scoutmaster in charge of service hours.

Troop sponsored projects:  Typically an adult or older Scout (assigned by the Troop) records the hours and gives it to the ASM handling service project for the troop.

All other qualifying activities: The Scout will need whoever is in charge to sign a note stating what they did, when they did it, and how much time was spent doing it.



We expect each Scout in Troop #354 to participate in one service project in the fall and one service project in the spring to show Scout spirit, and to be considered an active Scout.  Service time is required to advance to the following ranks:  One hour for 2nd Class, and six hours for both Star and Life.  Service time does not carryover once a Scout advances.  Although a Scout has 12 hours of service, for example, when he advances to 2nd Class, Star, or Life rank, he starts his service time at zero for his next rank.  Even though service is not required for those Scouts who have attained the ranks of Life and Eagle, this will be looked at as part of Scout Spirit and leadership.  Life and Eagle Scouts are expected to set the example for the younger Scouts and working on service projects is a part of this.  It is suggested that these Scouts work 6 hours per year (for Life Scouts) or 6 hours per palm for Eagle Scouts).